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The musubi, itself, comes from the Japanese culture. It originally included rice and nori formed in a triangular shape. But SPAM was added, and the shape was transformed to a rectangle. Since the musubi came to Hawaii, it has been a staple of the local culture. From a beach snack to a pupu (appetizer) to an entree, you can go almost go anywhere to try this local delicacy. The Blue Musubi Tee is our own take on the musubi. It’s a tribute to the local culture, while also representing the eastern streetwear influences and ideologies of our brand.

Thor Ragnarok was released on Friday, November 3, 2017. Since then, it has been receiving nothing but positive reviews. Taika Waititi, director, strived to include not only action and story, but also comedy and drama to create an attention-grabbing film. Waititi shares, “Ragnarok's sort of a new cycle in the life of the world or the realms of the universe. It’s the destruction of the old and the rebirth of the new.” Others have described the film as Thor’s “journey of self-discovery” or “search for himself.”

Portrayed in the movie, Thor is in the middle of a crisis, in which he as to choose between claiming the throne in Asgard or embarking on his own journey of adventure. This is where Thor Ragnarok and TŌPIA collide. TŌPIA is all about the journey to seek and find. Not only do we appreciate Waititi’s film, but we more so appreciate the story within the film of Thor’s journey. Hats off to Waititi for creating a great film and for wearing one of our tees in his interview with Film Select. Click this link to watch the full video.

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