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As of recent, we had the pleasure to shoot with our fellow creative and wayfarer, Andrés Quigüa (@kingofmongols). Andrés promotes this noteworthy philosophy - “let’s create something together”, and that’s exactly what was consummated. Andrés, himself aspires to seek his own identity through travel and photography. It was an incredible experience to see him living out his identity through photography. Our collaboration created and captured our model Erick Vain (@modelguy89) reveling in the urban jungle of Honolulu.

Our F/W ’16 collection represents the arduous journey of the wayfarer. Through each piece, there is a narrative to be told of the journey. Similar to a picture’s ability to say a thousand words, Andrés applied his ability to capture the thousand words that each of our new pieces tell. The blend of elements this shoot consisted of encourages us to consider our passions and embrace them. We appreciate Andrés and Erick for their willingness to embark on the journey with us.

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