Venice Beach

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When shooting ‘Materials Capsule’, without hesitation, we knew Venice had to be the spot. As crazy as LA is, Venice represents so many subcultures existing today and meshes them all together in one location, from skateboarding to street performing, surfing to graffiti and many others. In the same way, the line of hats we released are all different from one another and we wanted to embody the notion of how unique each hat is, and bring them all together in one video shoot. Collaborating on the direction of the shoot with our talented friend/videographer Heaven, we wanted to capture the hats in their natural element. Instead of having people just walking around with them, we felt it was necessary that the hats should be rocked while skating. LA native skaters Isiah Hilt & Doejha Killpatrick graced us with their ability to shred the Venice skate park while rocking the bucket hats, and did so in style. Overall, the shoot had exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our team members.

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