Tōpia | Clayton

We had the opportunity to shoot with friend and creative artist Mark Ghee (@m.ghee) and model Clayton Nelson (@claytonbnelson). At first, we had no specific location where we wanted to shoot. But we did know we had about an hour and a half to get some rad photos.  Clayton then brought us to a familiar bridge that goes over the H1. We've shot there before for our Paradise Jersey. We ended up milking the spot with lots of great photos.

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Tōpia | Theran & Chris

For this shoot, we partnered with two skilled creatives out of Honolulu, Hawaii: Theran and Chris. Chris’s dad has inspired him to pursue his passion, the art of photography, since he was six years old. For Theran, he was sparked by his grandmother’s passion for photography about two years ago and has been shooting ever since...Pictures after the jump.

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